1. What is the difference between Beyus and other thermal waters on the market?
    • each thermal water has a different composition and a different ratio between minerals and oligoelements; Among the common minerals and oligoelements, Beyus is rich in silicium and boron that are involved in skin healing and antimicrobial activity
    • Beys water comes up at a very high temperature ( 73 Celsius-) and so it is almost sterile
    • Beyus water is bottled directly in a bag that sits inside the spray can and so it does not have contact with any propellant
    • when you spray you only spray water on your face and body. No propellant/gas comes out
    2.  What are the advantages of the bag on valve technology?
    • the water is separated from the propellant ( which for BOV is compressed air)
    • the BOV keeps the product just as it comes out of the spring, with no other contact
    • you only spray water on your face and not water and gas
    • the spray empties fully, more than classical spray cans,  so you can enjoy the content until the last drop

    3.  In which steps of your daily routine, you use the mist?

    • you can use the mist for cleansing your face and neck in the morning and removing make-up in the evening 
    • you can spray your face and neck before you add a serum or your daily creams. If you have excess water left dab with a pad and then continue with your routine

    4. Is the product good for skin irritation or senzitive skin?

    • yes the product helps diminish skin irritation. You can use it alone in several applications or in combination with any other products that calms your skin. If you do have moderate to severe irritation you will need to check in your condition with a dermatologist. Thermal water will help but it is not a replacement of any treatment that is needed
    • for senzitive skin if you need to refresh, remove make-up and add some hydration to your skin do not hesitate to use it as needed. If more is needed you can associate it with any other product recommanded by a specialist