About us

After many years in the large corporate world, I always wondered what it would be like to open and manage my own small business. The pandemic provided me the opportunity to get involved in a small business in the beauty and wellness sector that resonates with any person,  be it a woman or a man. This business' first product was developed by Beyus Cosmetics, whereby I am expanded the term beauty to include wellness for at least two reasons: 1) the product is 100% natural and not altered at all through packaging like other products; 2) the product is useful in many circumstances that go beyond beauty and contribute to several aspects of daily well-being, including a refreshing rehydrating solution on the beach, traveling, and as a cleansing toner for your face, neck, or hands in circumstances where you don't have either access to or you don't want to use a public facility. Overall, I believe the simple gesture of taking care of one's skin contributes to your mental and physical well-being. We have worked closely with the manufacturer in sharing data on the benefits of thermal water and other natural products; in exploring other naturally derived products that may potentially be used to develop future products. We are grateful for the in-kind support we have received from Beyus Cosmetics in sharing and making this product available to the North American Consumers. I hope you will like it too and stay with us as we will add more natural products to our line of beauty and wellness products. Feel free to contact us at contact@transylvaniathermalwater.co