Natural, clean, the thermal water is completely separated from propellant. Rich in minerals and microelements such as zinc, silicium, manganese, boron that bring another layer of protection and healing capacity to your skin

Where and How To Use It
  • Use Transylvania Thermal Water Mist to sooth, hydrate and decrease skin redness

    Sensitive Skin

    The thermal water can be used to spray on areas where the skin is irritated. Use it as needed.

  • Transylvania Thermal Water Face Mist reduction in Skin Blemishes


    Use it for acne or any other skin condition that requires clean products with some anti-blemish activity. In 10 minutes after applying Beyus, the test revealed a 32 percent reduction in the intensity of bacterial activity. Thermal water is a great addition to any other products that you use to treat your skin. Apply it as needed.

  • Daily Skin Care

    Use thermal water every day to remove impurities from your skin, remove light make-up, hydrate and refresh.

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